The world is yet to see what God can do with a couple who are completely and wholeheartedly committed to following God and His voice.

Rev. & Rev. Mrs Reginald and Rita Adanuvo are one such couple.

Rev. Reginald Adanuvo was trained as a pharmacist and his wife, Rev. Mrs Rita Adanuvo, a Biological Scientist, who is now an Educationist. They together pastor Green Pastures Ministries, a contemporary fast-growing ministry with the heart of the early church, to reach out to the world with the Gospel of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

After their 20th marriage anniversary, the Lord spoke to the vision bearers of Green Pastures Ministries to begin a new work for Him; an instruction which they promptly obeyed. He said to them, that this new work would have a five-pronged mandate to reach out with the Gospel in Church Planting, Rural Missions, Student Ministries, the Media and also in the area of Relationships and Marriage. Based on Psalm 23:2 the Lord gave them Green Pastures Ministries as the name for this new work.

Rev. & Rev. Mrs Adanuvo have pursued with diligence and integrity, their unique ministry to the youth. They have also, with the special grace of God upon them to teach the Word of God, guided many people –young and old- in making important life decisions.  These have positively altered the lives of such people in line with God’s purpose and continue to do so. They have together penned two insightful and life-changing books; Realities of Relationship (Vol. 1) and Realities of Marriage (Vol.1)

Their radio broadcast, “The Word of His Grace”, airs on Spirit 88.3Fm in Kumasi, Ghana as well as on the internet. It continues to be a blessing to thousands every weekday. They have been married for 21 years now and are blessed with two young men, Aquila and Samuel. They presently live in Kumasi, Ghana.