Facebook Allows Planned Parenthood Ads Telling Teen Girls ‘Sex Is Hot’ While Bashing Abstinence

Facebook is facing backlash for allowing Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, to run a series of ads targeting young girls.

Chris Martin of LifeWay Social uncovered the ads by using a new feature on Facebook that allows users to see the names of those who sponsor political ads on the social media platform.

The ads came out just a day after several lawmakers in Washington urged the Department of Health and Human Services to open an investigation into Planned Parenthood for “enabling child sex abuse,” based on a report from Live Action.

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Meanwhile, another ad urges people to oppose abstinence-only education.

Johnston, who recently hosted the “Sex Ed Sit Out” campaign which opposed graphic sex ed in public schools, said Planned Parenthood is afraid of the effectiveness of abstinence-based programs.

“You see Planned Parenthood pushing back hard, trying to convince the public that abstinence education doesn’t work when the studies actually show that it does,” Johnston said.

CBN News contacted Facebook for comment about the controversial ads, but Facebook never responded.

Source: CBN