Green Pastures Ministries believes that Marriage is a God-ordained institution and was designed to work. The ministry has therefore sought to reach out with the message of the Bible concerning marriages and the relationships that should precede them. This we do by frequently organizing Relationship and Marriage Enrichment Seminars, which are open to everyone. These seminars and summits continue to be a great blessing to many.

Even many more continue to be impacted with the simply presented but very vital information  available in the two books written by our Senior Pastors: ‘Realities of Relationship 1’ and ‘Realities of Marriage 1’  on the occasion of their 20th Wedding Anniversary in 2014.

We seek to extend the impact of these seminars beyond the cities and regions of Ghana into the entire world.

Some of the programmes organized in pursuit of this vision are the Relationship Clinic® and the Couples’ Summits.